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Student Nurse Tech Program - Begins Only in the Summer



Earn while you learn . . .  as a Student Nurse Tech

The Student Nurse Tech Program (SNTP) at Metroplex Health System (MHS) offers nursing students an opportunity to work on technical skills in the real work environment and receive financial compensation. Your clinical experience will include nurse-aide type responsibilities in a medical-surgical unit or in special care unit such as emergency room, maternal-child or others. Your experience will be guided by a registered nurse.

Join the real world of nursing . . . before you graduate

The transition from the classroom to the working world is always a challenge, especially in the world of healthcare. Before assuming primary responsibility for the care of your patients, and while you are attending an academic nursing program, you want to have as much supervised clinical experience as possible.

Upon graduation from nursing school, the student nurse tech will enter the workforce with enhanced preparation skills making the transition from student to registered nurse easier.

Who Qualifies

This program is for students who have completed the second semester of nursing school in an accredited BSN or ADN program. In addition, MHS is interested in nursing students with a GPA of 2.5 or better, and who are willing to commit to a minimum of one day of work each week with an RN Preceptor.

How to Apply

  • First check on our job openings page and keyword search "student nurse tech" or "CNA" to verify position openings.
  • Must have completed 2nd semester of Nursing School
  • Complete and submit MSH application for Student Nurse Tech Program
  • Submit certified current college transcripts with a grade point average of 2.5 or better
  • Submit two instructor endorsement forms, both from nursing clinical instructors
  • Be committed to remaining an employee of MHS upon graduation

For application deadlines and additional information or questions, please contact Human Resources at 254.519.8184.

Download the Student Nurse Tech Program Packet