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Emergency Services


Metroplex Adventist Hospital provides a 24-hour, state-of-the-art emergency center that is staffed with physicians and nurses specially trained in emergency medicine.

From the center's trauma and cardiac care rooms to its dedicated X-ray suite and central monitoring system, it is equipped for treating critical emergency conditions.

A triage system for determining degree of need assures that critical care can be administered quickly and effectively. The physicians and nurses work as a team to ensure fast, effective treatment.

The latest equipment needed to asses the patients' needs is available to the team. A patient does not have to be moved to another part of the hospital for X-rays because Metroplex Emergency Service has a dedicated X-ray suite just for the Emergency Room. When trauma is evident, the latest diagnostic capabilities are at hand with state-of-the-art equipment such as the MRI and 64-slice CT scan.

The emergency room staff is made up of dedicated professionals who are especially sensitive to the needs of patients and their families. They understand the stress that families and loved ones experience in an emergency situation and strive to keep everyone updated on the status of the patient.

LifeStar provides 24-hour air-ambulance service throughout a 12-county region in Central Texas. To learn more about LifeStar, visit