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Anodyne Therapy


Home Care of Metroplex Hospital offers Anodyne Therapy to treat a variety of conditions.

Anodyne Therapy uses pulsed adjustable radiant power, delivered through flexible therapy pads placed on the skin. These diodes emit infrared photo energy to increase circulation and temporarily reduce pain and improve circulation. The procedure helps blood flow return to the area and can produce substantial reductions in foot and leg pain including wound healing, foot and leg pain caused by diabetes, peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling in the feet and legs) and other common ailments. Treatments are usually for 30-40 minutes and given in 12 to 24 sessions. After receiving Anodyne Therapy for twelve, 20-45-minute sessions, 89 percent of patients had experienced considerable to complete pain relief.

For more information about Anodyne Therapy, call Home Care of Metroplex Hospital  at (254) 519-8930 or (800) 926-7664.