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Cancer Services


A cancer diagnosis can feel like a ton of bricks hitting you.

You may have lots of questions such as, “What stage of cancer do I have? What can I do to beat this cancer? Do I need chemotherapy?” You want to be brave, but you also need help. Thankfully, you have a support team at Metroplex Health System to help you through one of life’s most difficult journeys.

Killeen Cancer Clinic

Located in the Ledger-Smith Building at 2207 South Clear Creek Road, Suite 302., the Killeen Cancer Clinic cares for and treats patients with cancers that affect blood-forming cells (e.g., leukemia, lymphoma) and solid tumors. They are experts in choosing and administering drug therapies, such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy (sometimes called biological response modifiers) or hormonal therapy, either alone or in combination with other treatments.

Scott & White Killeen, Center for Cancer Prevention and Care

Located in the Ledger-Smith Building on the Metroplex Adventist Hospital campus. Skilled physicians serve patients who require chemotherapy, radiation therapy, blood transfusions and other professional services.
Scott & White employs the latest cancer care technology when servicing patient needs. With the addition of the Elekta PrecisePlan™ System, the radiation therapy treatment planning process is expedited without compromising patient care. This workstation allows the Radiation Oncology physician at the Killeen site to interface with other staff. Ongoing, collaborative efforts among physicians, therapists, nurses and technical staff ensure patient-specific treatment.

Active participation in cooperative groups such as Southwest Oncology Group, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group and the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project support our cancer research and allow patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials or research protocols.

For more information call 254-200-3200.