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After My Stay


Check Out

Check out time is 11:00 a.m. on most units. Your physician will determine when you are ready to go home and a discharge order will be written. Before you leave, your doctor and health care team members will give you instructions for your continued care.
Prior to leaving the hospital, a staff member may meet with you to discuss your “next steps” in regaining full health. This might include assistance with daily living through Home Care nursing services, rehabilitation services, nutritional guidance, or specialized medical treatment. The staff will make all the arrangements per your physician’s orders.

Please look around your room as you leave to make certain that you have all of your belongings. Our hospital staff or volunteers will assist you and your family to the lobby.

Wellness Educational Program

The hospital offers a variety of health education programs, screenings and special events designed to keep you well. To receive information about these programs, please call us at 254-519-8200 and ask to be added to our wellness mailing list.