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Previous Employee Testifies to Metroplex

November 20, 2008

Dear Mr. Finch:
I have been meaning to write for quite some time now. I am a former employee of Metroplex Adventist Hospital, a med-surg/telemtry/ortho RN. I was an employee for 17 years.

I moved to Alabama in July 06 when I left Metroplex. I am currently working for Baptist Health System in Montgomery. There are a lot of similarities here, the mission statement, the Cerner system, even the signs within the hospital; but I have been inspired, felt that it was urgent, to let you know what a special place your hospital is.

I searched many healthcare facilities here and around the state when I started seeking employment. The hospital where I am now seems to be comfortable for me but it will never compare with Metroplex.

I just felt it urgent to tell you what a wonderful facility you have there. I don't know if everyone gets enough credit where it is due. Metroplex has been like a family to me for all those years. Words cannot describe the special people working for you. From maintenance to administration - everyone! They are all angels sent there from God. The physicians as well. Everyone has loved me genuinely through the good and the not so good. I have yet to see anything like it. Everyone there deeply cares about each other and that reflects on the quality of care the patients receive. The cleanliness, the food, the friendly, sincere people you have working there cannot get enough praise. God will reward all of you.

I miss my Metroplex family so much. God certainly has His presence there. I want you to know how truly blessed I was to be a part of that team. You all have a way of making everyone feel loved and appreciated. Please let everyone there at Metroplex Hospital know they are extraordinarily exceptional. I cannot emphasize this enough. There are not even words to describe.

Thank you all for having me be a part of it for so many years.
Joni Linzey, RN